1- How can I request a refund?
You can simply request a refund from the Order section in My Account.

2- I requested a refund, but I didn’t get the money in my bank account. Why?
It takes 5-7 business days for your financial institutions to deposit back that amount to your bank account. Shop724 can not change this processing time.

3- What are the Return & Refund policies?
While most sellers accept the products in their original packaging, each seller might have a different return policy. In some cases, our sellers accept to provide a refund if the items weren’t in good condition at the time of delivery. If you want to return a product, please contact the seller via the seller’s store page. However, you must send back the item(s) you want to return directly to the seller.

4- The items I received were not in good condition, but the seller refuses to provide a refund. What can I do?
If you cannot find a resolution with the seller or the seller doesn’t respond to your request after 2 business days, you can contact Shop724 via our contact us page to file a claim. Please note that filing a claim doesn’t guarantee a refund. We will review your case carefully and might ask you for proof. If the refund is possible, we will send you the instructions in order to return the item(s).