1- How do you deliver?
Shop724 takes care of the delivery and delivers all your purchased items(even if they are from multiple stores) at the same time.

2- Can I change the delivery date?
For now, we only deliver on Thursdays from 5-9 PM.

3- Does Shop724 deliver at my door?
We do our best to deliver the items right in front of your apartment/house door. But in some cases, we might not be able to deliver right to your door, and the delivery might ask you to pick the items in front of the building.

4- I live in Montreal or near Montreal, but the system says that delivery is not available. Why?
If you live in or close to Montreal, and the system doesn’t seem to find your address, you can contact us to request delivery to your address. We’ll do our best to add your address to our system so you can purchase in safety and comfort.

5- Is there free delivery?

Yes, if you purchase $125 or more, you will receive free delivery in Montreal.